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Sutter Home Winery Levels Up Wastewater Use with Reverse Osmosis

Water clarification technology eliminates settling ponds

Water-free supercritical CO2 dyeing of natural fibres

Removal of salt from hypersaline industrial wastewater far more energy-efficient and cost-effective

An innovative solution for the textile manufacturing industry to reduce water contamination

Scientists develop nanozyme mimetic that degrades effluents under sunlight

Water-preserved coal mining in water-shortage mining areas

The latest technology in filtration and wastewater management equipment for Dairy

Quality evaluation of water disclosure of Chinese papermaking enterprises

BlackSky and Spire create AI-driven MCS

Wood-derived powder could remove dye from textile industry wastewater

Water-friendly cheese: Entrepinares achieves 40% water reduction with Tetra Pak technology



The winner of the Mining Innovation Challenge


China industrial environmental database 1998–2015

Wastewater from battery recycling plants mined for water-splitting catalysts

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Researchers develop technology for removal of pollutants from textile water

242 The One About What To Do When Dip Slides Don’t Work - Scaling UP! H2O

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Making New Clothing from Old using Circulose

236 The One Where We Talk About Waters Treaters Changing The World - Scaling UP! H2O

235 The One About What A Microbiologists Wants You To Know About Legionella Testing

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Serpentine solution for algae water treatment

228 The One About How To Attract and Hire The Next Generation Of Water Treaters - Scaling UP! H2O

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227 The One Where We Talk About The Importance of Having A Water Management Plan - Scaling UP! H2O

225 The One Where Rory Vaden Teaches Us How To Multiply Our Time - Scaling UP! H2O

Dry Pulping Technology Could Reduce Paper And Water Waste

224 The One About The Internet Of Things (IoT) Augmented Industrial Water Treatment - Scaling UP!H2O

223 Pinks and Blues: Phosphonate Replacements


222 The One Where Janet Stout Shares Key Industry Updates

Researchers develop super-hydrophobic cotton for oil-spill cleanup

'World-first' technology cleans wastewater from milk plants

Leak detection technology rolled out in Australia and New Zealand

Cat launches 777G Water Solutions truck, taking a direct approach in mine water truck market

Ensuring water quality in poultry production

The fracking concern with water quality

Su-Nav Rolls Out Sustainable Clean Water Technology to its Fleet

China Opens Asia's First Facility to Treat Medical Wastewater Using Electron Beam Technology

Tejidos Royo, Tailorlux Develop ‘Lowest Impact’ Denim

Evonik markets new advanced technology  for sustainable pharmaceutical production

Technology The Key To Rare Earth Element Extraction

Mining Journal talks with Todd Wisdom, Director of Tailings at FLSmidth

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) for Reefat Garments / SILT

Qatar researchers develop biological technology for treatment of industrial wastewater

196 Pinks and Blues Questions From The Nation! Good Communication - Scaling UP! H2O

Technology helps resource firms move towards sustainable mining

WIPAC Monthly April 2021

New tech to help water-based solutions industry

New Land Mapping Technology Implementations in Marin & Sonoma Counties

191 The One Where We Learn About Tannin

190 The One Where I Celebrate Four Years Of Hosting This Amazing Podcast - Scaling UP! H2O

Global X launches Clean Water Industry ETF

189 The One Where We Talk About Innovation & Human-Centered Design - Scaling UP! H2O

WIPAC Monthly - March 2021

188 The One To Listen To If You Are Considering Becoming A Water Treater

Dyeing/​Finishing/​Printing Superdry to use new dyeing route

Nanofiltration membranes to treat industrial wastewater from heavy metals

187 The One Where Conor Parrish Interviews Me, Part 2 - Scaling UP! H2O

Ralph Lauren Unveils New System That Recycles & Reuses Water From The Cotton Dyeing Process

Techcross announces new Turbidity Correction technology in ballast water treatment

186 The One Where Conor Parrish Interviews Me, Part 1 - Scaling UP! H2O

Water Industry Process Automation & Control (WIPAC) Monthly - February 2021

184 The One Where I Interview My Mastermind Mentor - Scaling UP! H2O

183 The One Where We Talk About Artificial Intelligence - Scaling UP! H2O

182 The One Where We Share How We Create The Podcast - Scaling UP! H2O

181 The One Where Water Geeks Talk About Social Media - Scaling UP! H2O

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179 Another One that Teaches Us to Communicate Better with Others - Scaling UP! H2O

First Durable Water Repellent (DWR) agent based on plant-derived processing wastes

Eliminating microplastics in wastewater directly at the source

Experts Dispel Popular Cotton Statistics, Say More Context is Needed

New Water Dissolvable Frac Ball Tooling Launched

Veteran ISRO scientist aids farmers, develops banana waste processing technology

It is possible to measure hardness on a softener using an ion-selective sensor.

Chile’s new constitution could rewrite the story of lithium mining

Plastic Alternatives Made From Industrial Waste

How GEA’s VARICOVER reduces water consumption and minimizes product losses

WIPAC Monthly - November 2020

Applying Scientific Sampling Methods into Mineral Exploration - CSIRO - Ryan Noble - Episode 48

Everything you need to know about mine water management

Treatment strategies for effluent generated by Leather industries/Tanneries

Tejidos Royo Recognized as One of Europe’s Greenest Businesses

Nanotechnology to create new lithium extraction technology

New Line Of Oleo Derived Additives For Metalworking Fluid Applications; Biocea™

Project aims to recycle industrial wastewater and heat

Real-time, On-site Endotoxin Assay for Dialysis Water


How Europe is turning to tech to help clean up the shipping industry

ERIOPON® E3-SAVE can dramatically shorten the polyester dyeing process and save water& energy

ClearTech® is good news for water quality

Canadian project to focus on recycling of heavy water

Ash from power stations processed into reagents for water purification

New technology makes wastewater from the oilsands industry safer for fish

Level 2 Papermaking - Equipment for Process water treatment

How to Select the Right Metering Pump for a Treatment Process

Analyses of Runoff and Sediment Transport and their Drivers in a Rare Earth Mine Drainage

AkzoNobel makes waves in China with water-based renewal of major plant

DOE selects additional project to enable near-zero water consumption of power plants

Novel Method to Retrieve Rare Earth Elements from Acid Mine Drainage

Fashion for Good and SeaChange present ground-breaking solution to wastewater treatment

Water Scarcity Is Greatest Risk to Metals and Mining

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Vale starts dry iron ore concentration pilot with New Steel technology

146 The One Where We Bring EOS and Sales Together - Scaling UP! H2O

RO Water Chemistry and Pretreatment: Silica Scale Prevention

145 The One About Positive Mental Attitude - Scaling UP! H2O

MSU research leads to new method of protecting water affected by mining

Pathways towards zero-emission copper mines

144 The One Where We Talk About Virtual Assistants - Scaling UP! H2O

Industrial Water Treatment: Community & Inspiration

What is Scale and How does it Impact Water Treatment?

New green wall technology to help brewers and the environment

143 The One With Jack Altschuler - Scaling UP! H2O

Circular economy: the projects leading the way in mining waste recovery

142 The One That Helps Us With Video Meetings - Scaling UP! H2O


Calik Denim Debuts Antimicrobial Denim Fabric That Require Fewer Washes

Process Controller Timer Modes

141 The One About Neglected Accounts – Scaling UP! H2O

Checking water from afar

Hong Kong-Based Epic Group Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Arvind Envisol

What is Conductivity?

140 The One That Helps Us Reopen Building Water Systems – Scaling UP! H2O

Is the New Normal Sustainable?

Transfer Pump Selection

139 The One With CRM Expert, Resa Gooding – Scaling UP! H2O

BWMS: 21% of systems fail D-2 requirements

138 The One That’s All About Cooling Towers - Part 2 - Scaling UP! H2O

Tejidos Royo Adapts Foam Dyeing Technology for Black Denim

How a focus on sustainability will help the fashion industry emerge stronger from Covid-19

Wastewater Systems and Laundry Operations (Conclusion) A look into the future of wastewater systems

Parkway partners with Worley to help commercialise aMES™ minerals from brine technology

Selecting your Cartridge Filter

137 - The One That's All About Cooling Towers - Part 1 - Scaling UP! H2O

Sugar Industry: A case of Policy and Institutional Failure

136 The One About The Mastermind Group - Scaling UP! H2O

Wastewater Laundry Operations (Part 1) Changes, improvements in systems over past decade

135 The One with Adam Lean - Scaling UP! H2O

Tornello's new Laundry (R)evolution technologies

Saltwater-grown plants are basis for new fabric technology

Pinks and Blues: LinkedIn - Scaling UP! H2O

Tech Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Lithium Extraction

Troubleshooting Diaphragm Metering Pump

Online Process Control Equipment

132 Pinks and Blues: 12 Week Year - Scaling UP! H2O

Investor intervention for tailings dam safety

Pharma's potential impact on water quality

New subsea processing tools designed to enhance recovery, lower capex

UK’s Xeros signs major denim deal with India’s Ramsons

The Proactive Webinar Series - Scaling UP! H2O

Screening Strategies for Toxicants in Industrial Wastewater

In Denim, Investing in Sustainable Technology Is the New Normal

An Introduction to Water Treatment - part 3 of 3

ECCO Wins Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award For DriTan Leather Technology

‘Mine of tomorrow’ completes $30-million water protection project

Produced Water in Texas … Who Owns It?

Chromite and coal operations improve tailings water recovery with Multotec filter press technology

Electrification and Decarbonization of Chemical Manufacturing | Karthish Manthiram | TEDxMIT

Solar Water Desal Announces project in the Kingdom

Mine water energy to be used at major Seaham development

Miracle of nature: Trappist monks turn waste into water

Japanese tech students develop quality measuring app for Rwandan coffee farmers

Water scarcity accelerates plans to close Xcel's Tolk coal plant by a decade

Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in fixed film applications

Scientists develop system to remove contaminants from nuclear wastewater

Republic of Turkey to Ban Acetylene, Other Metal Cutting Fuels

With Botanic Dyes, Sustainable Denim Takes On Limitless Possibilities

Company proposes using Berkeley Pit water to power Los Angeles

Next-Level Water Management

After Deadly Dam Spills, Miners Seek a Better Way—It Isn’t Working Out

Sponsored Panel Debate: Industrial Sustainability & Water Reuse

Textile water treatment plant is first of its kind for U.S. textile makers

New Technology Reduces High Water Production in Heavy-Oil Field in Oman

Patent for mobile modular gold mining extraction process

Israeli fashion start-up "Twine"

When Boilers go Bad


HP commits US$ 200 million to sustainable water-based ink

Wyoming scientist awarded $1 million from federal government for wastewater research

111 The One with Eric Russo, CWT - Scaling UP! H2O

Q&A: the fight for water in Australia’s mines

110 Pinks and Blues: Boiler Surging - Scaling UP! H2O

109 The One with Super Villain Royalty, Brian Fisk - Scaling UP! H2O

108 Pinks and Blues: Cooling Tower Feed - Scaling UP! H2O

Replacing Coal with Gas or Renewables Saves Billions of Gallons of Water

Finding Value in Textile Wastewater

The New Mining - Polish Coal Mine Recovers Valuable Resources from Wastewater

107 Day 1 Of Industrial Water Week (Pretreatment) - Scaling UP! H2O

106 The One with the Agnostic Equipment Guy - Scaling UP! H2O

105 The Other One That’s All About Scale - Scaling UP! H2O

Major Beer Company's First Total Water Recycling Plant Halves Water Usage at Its Brewery in Denmark

104 The One on Generational Diversity - Scaling UP! H2O

103 The One About What a Water Treater Fears - Scaling UP! H2O

102 The Other One with Colin Frayne, CWT - Scaling UP! H2O

101 The One with Colin Frayne, CWT - Scaling UP! H2O

100 The 100th One - Scaling UP! H2O

099 The One About Health Insurance - Scaling UP! H2O

098 The One That’s All About Scale - Scaling UP! H2O

097 The One About Filtration on Cooling Towers - Scaling UP! H2O

096 The One That Helps Introverts - Scaling UP! H2O

095 The One at the IFMA Conference - Scaling UP! H2O

The Largest Denim Company in the World to Cut Water Use by 50% in Water-stressed Areas by 2025

From Ikea to Gap, Firms Aim to Use Scarce Water More Wisely

Researchers Develop Nanofiber Webs to Remove Toxic Dyes From Wastewater

New Research Projects Set to Define Emerging ​Fracking Water ​Treatment ​Technologies

Membrane Based on Graphene Oxide, Cotton & Dopamine to Remove Oil & Dyes from Industrial Wastewater

British Beverage Company to Make its Breweries in Africa the Most Carbon & Water Efficient Possible

How Does Water Treatment in the Food and Beverage Industry Work?

Dubai Municipality Launches Hazardous Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

BRF to reuse 100% of water used by Abu Dhabi plant

An amazing story today in Tiripur, famous as the textile capital of India.

The Story of Gold King Mine Disaster and Its Leakage Problem

How to Make Mine Water Clean and Safe to Reuse

Researchers Hoping to Reduce Water Use at Power Plants

Delhi to Get New Sewage Treatment Complex in Three Years

Global Meat Products Exporter Takes a Step Towards Sustainable Development with new GWE WWTP

How One Brewery Generates Energy from Its Wastewater Treatment System (Case Study)

Top 10 Country Comparison - Freshwater Withdrawal Consumption (Video)

Brewery System Upgrade (Video Case Study)

Scientists Use Nano Technology to Remove Diesel Fuel From Water and Soil

Reuse Brew: German Brewery Creates Beer from Wastewater (Video)

FIFCO Costa Rica Reduces Environmental Footprint with New Wastewater Treatment Facility

Brand New Water Clarity Solutions in Municipal, Mining and Industrial Water Treatment Applications

Major Fashion Brand to Reduce Apparel Industry’s Water Use and Drive Water-Saving Innovation

Energy Efficiency Program in a Bottling Facility Generates Millions in Savings

The Acid Test: New Way to Recover Resources from Industrial Waste (Video)

Scaling UP! H2O Episode 89: The One That's All About Filming Amines (General)

Chemists Have Found a Safe Way to Remove Drugs from Urine During the Water Decontamination Process

New Textile Dyeing Method Reduces Both Water Use and Toxic Dye Discharge

How Water is Managed in an Ethical & Robotic Dairy Farm Facility in Western Australia

Innovative Membranes Treat Over 100,000 Gallons per Day of Industrial Wastewater for Further Reuse

Major European Fashion Brand Reduces Water Consumption in Jeans Production by 4 Million Liters

Reed Sampling at Sheephouse Wood Mine Water Treatment Scheme (Video)

Introducing new video tutorial channel

Effluent treatment - A Boardroom Issue

Advancements in Water Ultrafiltration Technology

Using 60% less water in paper production

Alabama Water Authority to Get New Filter Plant in Settlement with 3M

ChEnected: A Place Where Chemical Engineers of America Come Together

Integrated Water Energy Management At Sustainable Craft Brewery (Video)

Absolute Rating vs. Nominal Rating for Filters

Denim Manufacturer to Reuse 100% of Wastewater During Production

Pilot Plant to Purify Bore and Industrial Wastewater (Video)

Brand New Methodology Recovers a Large Part of the Available Phosphorus from WWTP

Social Cause: Soil Storm in Desert Area

MGX Minerals Provides Revenue Projections for Initial Contracted Wastewater Treatment Systems

New Phosphorus Recycling Method Produces High-quality Fertilizers from Sludge

German Company Claims to Have Developed Technology to Mine Sea Water Without Harming the Environment

Reducing Water Consumption in Mining (Case Study)

Drought Effects on Aging Power Plants May Be Larger than Expected

Legionella 2019: A Position Statement and Guidance Document from the AWT

Metering Pump Fundamentals

In-Situ Inc. Acquires ChemScan Inc., Formerly Known as ASA Analytics

BP Oman Renews Veolia Contract For Raw Water Treatment Plant At Khazzan Gas Field

This Smart Water Navigator Helps Companies Improve Water Management

New Version of Underwater Bot for Process Industries, Oil and Gas

Real-Time Bioburden Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Water (Video)

Industrial Wastewater Pumps Update (Video Case Study)

Researches Created Cellulose Hollow-fiber Membranes for Separating Oil-in-water Mixtures

US Army Engineers award water permit to Hudbay’s Rosemont mine

“Water Scarcity: Challenges for Agriculture” Symposium at American Chemical Society (ACS)

076 The One with the Consulting Client - Scaling UP! H2O

075 The One that’s All About Corrosion Coupons - Scaling UP! H2O

The Mining Association of Canada Releases the Second Edition of Tailings and Water Management Guide

Recycling Water Treatment for Industrial Use (Video)

Remote Mine Water Research to Collect Data in Real-time

Pumps Designed to Dewater Flooded Mine Tunnels in South Africa

This Startup Treats Wastewater with Substance First Developed for Russian Space Program

Treating Industrial Wastewater with Nanofilter Derived from Sugar Syrup

12 Companies to Merge Into One of the Leading Plant Manufacturers for Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Search - Google Customer Search Engine Focused on Industrial Water Websites

How It's Made: Wastewater Management (Science Channel Documentary Series)

Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Technology (Video)

Careers - Industrial Water Treatment

074 The One Where Every Drop Counts - Scaling UP! H2O

Industrial Water Science Website

SMEs Could Gain from Sharing Waste Between Industries, Swedish Study Shows

Aqua Enviro and I-Phyc Investigate Wastewater Algae Use

Water-Repellent Mineral Wool Pipe Insulation Soon Available (Video)

Filter Press for Water Treatment Systems, Wastewater Sludge, Sewage Treatment (Video)

Ingersoll Rand Announces Plans to Acquire Precision Flow Systems

Kurita to Acquire U.S. Water Services, Accelerating Business Expansion in North America

Vale to Invest $400 Mn to Reduce Need for Tailings Dams, Loses Licence to Operate Key Brazil Dam

Intel to Adopt Efficient Water Reuse Project at Its Semiconductor Factory in Oregon

AVANTech Expands Its Industrial Water Treatment Services Including Nuclear Power Applications

Solenis and BASF Complete Combination of their Paper and Water Chemicals Businesses

Airvac Industrial - Vacuum Technology Systems for Industrial and Indoor Applications

Textile Wastewater Treatment: An Application To Sustainable Reuse Water In the Textile Industry

CSIRO Mine Wastewater Treatment Research

Seafood Processing Water as a Valuable Source of Protein

New Wastewater Treatment Plant for a Meat Processor in Germany (Case Study)

MGX Minerals Unveils Successful Commissioning for Its Ground-breaking Water Treatment Technology

Veolia Water Technologies Supplies Kraft Heinz China with In-House Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Odor Complaints and Wastewater Issues Cost Michigan Sugar Co. Millions of Dollars

The One with the Head Hunter - Scaling UP! H2O

Water Quality on the Up at Teck’s Elkview Coal Operations

067 The First One of 2019 - Scaling UP! H2O

Harbour Group’s Onicon Acquires Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd

066 The Last One of 2018 - Scaling UP! H2O

Video: Water Cooling for Industrial Businesses

Onshore Crude Oil Decontamination Using a Water Security Test Bed

Membrane desalination: "Permeate is not pure enough? Partial Splitting is a viable solution"​. ...

Newly-invented ‘Eco-friendly Tech’ to Benefit Textile Industry

065 Pinks and Blues - Scaling UP! H2O

Denim Mills Invested in Water-Saving Solutions in 2018

Graf Creamery Optimized Wastewater Operations with U.S. Water

064 The One with the Youngest CWT - Scaling UP! H2O

063 Pinks and Blues - Scaling UP! H2O

Veolia Water Technologies Supplies Kraft Heinz China with In-House Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Aquaporin Launches Hffo14 Module Suitable For Industrial Scale Applications

Toyobo’s Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis Membrane Adopted at Danish Osmotic Power Plant

Ni/MWCNT-based Electrochemical Sensor for Fast Detection of Phenol in Wastewater

Sludge Thickening - How Our Industry Has Been Calculating Polymer Usage Wrong

Scottish Water Launches Demonstration of Microvi’s Revolutionary Wastewater Treatment Technology

Extracting ​More From ​Wastewater: Converting ​Industrial CO2 ​Emissions into ​Valuable Chemicals

Researchers Find a Way to Peel Slimy Biofilms Like Old Stickers

Cavitation Technologies Announces Details of Successful Completion of System Trials

Sympatex New ​Sustainable Spun-dyed ​Process Saves ​75% Water ​

Amid Industrial Boom, Corpus Christi Officials Look to Meet Growing Water Demand

062 The One with the Pulsafeeder Guy - Scaling UP! H2O

Banyan Water Launches Cooling Tower Integration for its Total Water Management Platform

Axine Introduces On-Site Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Solution for Toxic Organic Pollutants

Danfoss Enters ZLD/MLD Industrial Wastewater Markets with High Efficiency Pumps

SUEZ'S Solar Sludge Drying Technology to Help South Carolina WWTP Reduce Sludge

Tesla Targets ​Lower Operating ​Costs through ​New Waste Water Treatment System Patent

DMU Team Joins Scottish Water to Tackle Toxic Pollutants on Priority List

Large-​scale ​Production of ​Innovative ​Evaporator for Corrosive ​Liquids and ​Gasses

Increasing the Lifespan of Ozone Improves Water Treatment

CWTI Engaged ​by Major Mining ​Company to ​Assess Water ​Treatment ​Options ​

Liquid-gated ​Membrane ​Filtration ​System Improves Industrial ​Wastewater ​Purification ​

060 The One About Public Speaking - Scaling UP! H2O

AOP System for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Steam Flash

Industrial Case Studies Curated at

059 Pinks and Blues - Scaling UP! H2O

WinsKetel Boiler- 3 Pass | PT INDIRA DWI MITRA

Planning Tool For Water and Wastewater Processes [Webinar Recording]

Why is Conductivity Important?

Food Processors, UW Collaborate to Remove Guesswork from Wastewater Disposal

Hairy Nanotechnology Provides Green Anti-scaling Solution

Recovering Nutrients from Seafood Process Water

Industrial water treatment - Wikipedia

Is Phosphonate a Chelating or Sequestering agent? Why Phsphonates are threshold scale inhibitor?

Water Quality for High-Performance Computing

Graforce Produces Environmentally Friendly Fuel from Wastewater

Considerations for implementing a zero liquid discharge program

Treating Large ​Volumes of ​Water to Remove ​Selenium and ​Nitrate ​

Ovivo Partners ​with Cembrane ​for Patented ​Silicon Carbide ​Membrane ​Technology ​

054 Day 5 of Industrial Water Week (Careers) - Scaling UP! H2O

053 Day 4 of Industrial Water Week (Waste Water) - Scaling UP! H2O

Scaling UP H20! Episode 52 - Cooling (Industrial Water Week)

051 Day 2 of Industrial Water Week (Boilers) - Scaling UP! H2O

055 Pinks and Blues - Scaling UP! H2O

Virginia Farm ​Finds New ​Solution to ​Separate Water ​from Manure

Cyanide Analyser for Industrial Water Treatment

050 Day 1 of Industrial Water Week (Pretreatment) - Scaling UP! H2O

Industrial water in a circular economy through zero brine concept

ReNEW Water Project Measures Water, Nutrients, Energy Recovered by U.S. Utilities

KERASIEV (R) Ceramic Membrane and India

Careers Friday: Industrial Water Week

Day 3 of Industrial Water Week (Cooling) - Scaling UP! H2O

Boiler Tuesday: Industrial Water Week

Ceramic Membrane for Dairy Industries

Happy Industrial Water Week!

Water Treatment Machineries Manufacturing for Stone Wastewater Clarification Process (VIDEO)

New Solid Step Towards Water-free Leather Manufacturing (VIDEO)

Several Points for Attention in Installation and Application of Turbine Flow Meters

Dalian Zero Instrument Technology Co., Ltd China

How Can the Beverage Industry Enhance Water Reclaim & Reuse?

Metal Invention Strips Impurities from Wastewater

Glossary of Water Terms

Industrial Water Week: Creating Education, Community and Careers with James McDonald

Efficient Water Usage In Recycled Fiber Production

Audi Produces Automobiles Completely Without Wastewater

AWT Analyst Publication

Understanding Cycles of Concentration

Creation ​Commits to ​Solvent-free ​Production

WRF Releases Request for Proposal to Investigate Impact of Industrial Contaminants on Water Quality

New ECD Total Organic Carbon (TOC) NDIR Analyzer Assures Municipal & Industrial Water Quality

Testing Cooling Tower Water for Total Bacteria and Legionella

Craft Brewery ​Wastewater to ​be Used for ​Landscaping ​Irrigation

Circular Solution Helps Nestle Save Water and Energy in Brazil

CSIR Mine Water Treatment Technology (VIDEO)

Eco-friendly ​and Low-cost ​Membrane ​Bioreactor Based on ​Agricultural ​and Industrial ​Wastes ​

Greater Consolidation of the Industrial Water Solutions Market to Create Growth Opportunities

Is Your Deaerator Performing Properly? – Taylor Industrial – Medium

Removing Heavy Metals from Wastewater

Webinar: Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) for Mining

Three Tips To Optimize Cooling Water Management For Lower Plant Operating Costs

Wessex Water Uses Siltbuster MBBR Technology During Bio-filter Refurbishment

A weird water behavior that intrigued Da Vinci finally has an explanation

Sylvan Source Announces Successful Pilot Test with California Utility, Employing Clean In Place

What Is a Certified Water Technologist?

Circulation of Water in the Oil Production: Water Treatment Plant Schönkirchen

The Podcast for Water Treaters by Water Treaters - 043 The One with the WaterCycle Guy

Careers: Industrial Water Week

Innovative Technologies for a Sustainable Dairy Industry

Endress+Hauser Introduces Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

Professional Societies, Online Magazines, and Other Links

Water Technology Report by William (Bill) Harfst

Absolute Rated Filters vs Nominal Filters

Confluence: Water Technology Innovation Cluster

Are You Testing for the Right Chemical Form? – Taylor Industrial – Medium

Detective H2O - Solving Water Problems Drop by Drop

Water Hammer Video

Water Softener Regeneration Process

Handbook of Industrial Water Treatment

Why Would You Recommend the Water Treatment Industry?

IAPWS Technical Guidance Documents

UV+Filtration, despite the myth it is not always enough to lock out bacteria

Understanding Passivation and White Rust | EVAPCO

Cooling Towers Provide Water Reuse Opportunity

Steam Boilers - The Inside Story: Part 1 - Introduction

Best Practices in Water Management

Industrial Water Week: As Unique As You

SPX Cooling Technologies Video Library

Europe’s New Water

Dead Legs, Biofilm, and Legionnaires Disease: One Thing Leads to Another

Book: Constructed Wetlands for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Scaling UP! - The Podcast for Water Treaters by Water Treaters

Bluewater Bio Awarded Contract for HYBACS® Upgrade at the World’s Largest Dedicated Industrial City

Association of Water Technologies' Technical Papers

Ripple Effect: ​Water and ​Wastewater ​Reuse ​(VIDEO)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technology Database (IWTT) Web Application

Industrial Water Science Website

Dow has Resource Section on Membranes

Online Library | Water Treatment Papers | Scale Prediction & Inhibitor Modeling

Three of My Water-Testing Pet Peeves – Taylor Industrial – Medium

Measures in Place to Detect Attacks Concerning Industrial Control Networks

Industry leading approach to clean water for Nickel-Cobalt-Scandium Mining

Industrial facilities honored for environmental compliance in 2017 | Renton Reporter