066 The Last One of 2018 - Scaling UP! H2O

066 The Last One of 2018 - Scaling UP! H2O






Lessons Learned:

– 2 people on staff

– Monthly to weekly

– Practice makes better ( listen to episode #1 )

What I have done personally this 2018:

-Implemented at least one thing from each of them

-David Marquet

-Jesse Itzler

– Being diabetic

– Possibility of coming off medication

– Took what they already know and had and taught them how to use it better.

– Reading P and L balance sheet and cash-flow statement

–  David Vinces

– This really is a first

– Camp

2019 The forecast (quantum run) 

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

029 The One with the Submarine Captain

056 The One with The Building Engineers Perspective


Scaling UP! H2O Resources Page

Turn the Ship Around

The seven Habits of highly effective people

The ONE Thing

The Mastermind

Living with a SEAL

Thanks for a wonderful year and thanks for helping get 2019 started off great. 

See you next year folks !