106 The One with the Agnostic Equipment Guy - Scaling UP! H2O

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106 The One with the Agnostic Equipment Guy - Scaling UP! H2O

Nation! I know your favorite thing in the water treatment industry is the equipment we use. Well, maybe not… But it is something that we must use to run our programs when we are not there. Many of us are loyal to a particular brand and model of equipment. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you know what your options are outside of your “comfort zone.” I have found by working with other water treaters that many of us learn how one thing works, get comfortable with it and stop. That is not ok. We have to keep apprised of what equipment is out there to make our systems better. 

Our guest today is Blaine Nagao of H2Tronics.  Blaine is a longtime friend and colleague of mine. We met through the Association of Water Technologies. Specifically, when he would do the equipment training portion at technical training. I still remember things I learned from him in the class. Blaine agreed to come on the show and talk with us about a few things we should consider when it comes to equipment. 

Please get ready to enjoy my interview with Blaine Nagao. 

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