Tornello's new Laundry (R)evolution technologies

Tornello's new Laundry (R)evolution technologies

Tornello, an Italy-based manufacturer of machines, has announced that the company has came up with two Laundry (R)evolution: OBleach and Wake. The Laundry (R)evolution is a new conception in garment finishing processes. It involves only 2 technologies in the entire finishing cycle, reducing waste and optimising resources: Laser, and the All-in-One-System.


“Our ideas of new developments, are always based on create new ideas, new research that starts from dream that become reality and increasingly raises the bar of sustainability and responsibility” Alice Tonello, R&D director of Tonello, said in a press release. “The research for technologies and solutions have always been part of our DNA. It is our daily commitments to the environment, the market, our people and all human beings, with their needs that can be changed into reality. Based on this vision, two revolutionary patent-pending process, are born, Wake and OBleach, that allow to create incredible and totally sustainable effects on garments.” 

The company used Metro, a software that processes real data, in real time to check all laundry consumption, optimising processing times, and improving performance. The All-in-One system performs all washing operations by integrating 4 sustainable technologies into a single machine: ECOfree 2 which uses ozone in both the water and air; NoStone for authentic and pumice-free stone-wash effects; UP, for washing processes with at least 50 per cent less water; and Core, a nebulizing system improving performance and reducing water consumption. 

For more than 100 years ozone has been used for destroying pathogens due to its strong oxidising properties. So, Tonello machines are extremely flexible as they can both serve look and fashion purposes as well as sanitising and disinfecting garments, accessories and equipment. 

The company also suggest that based on today’s fashion industry situation, that has been heavily disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, this could be the real market need and solution for the future. 

Obleach is the new Tonello process which, by using only Ozone, “returns to the future” with an authentic, sustainable and very cool Bleach. This is possible due to a combination of the technologies part of Tornello's All-in-One system. These are the main advantages: contrasting effects, absolute respect for the fibres and the environment, due to a room-temperature process, maximum reproducibility, allowed by the technology. 

Wake is the first totally natural dyeing system. It uses only plants and vegetable waste, items like flowers, berries and roots, which are left do dry and infuse, without harmful chemicals additives. “Using it is as easy as making an herbal tea and presents a real paradigm shift” Tonello said. As a matter of fact, Wake uses only 100 per cent organic and compostable raw materials; it is a sustainable and circular process, with no additives; it drastically reduces CO2 emissions; it allows for great water and energy savings; it guarantees the safety and healthiness of both the process and the garment in dyeing, for the operators as well as for the final consumer. Tonello has developed a Wake Lab, a small laboratory that allowed brands to realise eco dyes directly in shops, using only compostable raw materials. 

In addition to the shop version of the technology, Tonello also developed the production ones installable to already existing Tonello machines. 

Tonello will be live streaming during Kinspin24 on April 22. Kingpins Transformers ED will be held on April 24th, where Maurizio Morosini, sales director of Tonello, will give voice to the company vision and values of environmental and social responsibility.