064 The One with the Youngest CWT - Scaling UP! H2O

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064 The One with the Youngest CWT - Scaling UP! H2O

Chandler Mancuso.jpgIf you have ever listened to this show, you have heard me say “Be the best you can be by being the best in this industry.”  You also have heard me say “make the industry better because you are in it.”  So… are you?

This was the reason I started this podcast.  Scaling UP! H2O is my way of raising the bar in the water treatment industry.  Based on the feedback I have received, I think we are doing that.  And “we” was not a typo.  The Scaling UP! Nation! Is what is doing the hard work, I just bought a microphone.

One of the individuals I met as a result of this podcast is Chandler Mancuso.  I don’t think it will take long in this interview for you to realize why I’m so impressed with him. He has done items that have been suggested in this podcast and is a great example of how to do your part at making the industry better.  Enjoy…

More about Chandler: 

Chandler’s career in water treatment began courtesy of a recommendation by his academic advisor while he was an undergraduate student at Oakland University. Since then, he has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and returned to his Alma mater in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Chemistry. As Technical Coordinator of Plymouth Technology Inc., Chandler has gained valuable experience developing solutions for industrial consumers across the Midwest region in the areas of wastewater, boiler and cooling water treatment.

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064 The One with the Youngest CWT