The One with the Head Hunter - Scaling UP! H2O

The One with the Head Hunter - Scaling UP! H2O

No matter what type of business you are in, we all share one universal issue: How do we find the "Right People" to hire? For those of you that don't know, I define" Right People" as people who enhance our culture. I speak about this in more detail in  episodes 44  and  45.  

Finding new "Right People" is an issue we are currently faced with at my company,  Blackmore Enterprises, Inc.  The good news is we are growing, the bad news is we are having issues with finding the "Right People" to help us fulfill our company's mission. So, what do you do to find these "Right People?" We have tried job boards, social media, word of mouth and colleges.

That being said, we have never tried using a company that specializes in finding talent to go out and find these "Right People" for us.

Being curious about this possible avenue, I decided to interview a "headhunter" on the podcast. Many have written in asking questions about finding new talent so I figured why not the Scaling UP! Nation! learn along with me. Please enjoy my interview with Chase Squires.

More about Chase Squires: 

Chase Squires is a Professional Staffing Consultant with Spencer Ogden, specializing in helping Water, Wastewater and Environmental companies strategically grow with highly qualified personnel within niche avenues in the industry.

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