Republic of Turkey to Ban Acetylene, Other Metal Cutting Fuels

Republic of Turkey to Ban Acetylene, Other Metal Cutting Fuels

Turkish Ministry of Trade has made a conditional ban on the use of acetylene, propane and other industrial gases widely used as metal cutting fuels within the Republic of Turkey.

The Director General of Imports, Mr. Ahmet ÇetinkayiƟ declared the government’s intention to ban alternative prevailing metal cutting fuels, making MagneGas the exclusive metal cutting fuel across the Republic of Turkey.

The Director General further informed the Taronis that the formal ban will be enacted once the government is satisfied that Taronis’ new Ankara based joint venture can meet the needs of the local market for metal cutting fuels. The government has confirmed that the local market is approximately $200 million in annual consumption. To meet this level of demand, the Turkish government also confirmed that approximately one hundred of Taronis’ patented 300 KW Venturi plasma arc gasification units will be required.

The government has informed Taronis to be prepared to deliver all one hundred gasification units over a 24 month time frame. This would require a significant expansion of the existing $165 million purchase contract, which covers only thirty gasification units, and was recently approved and commenced in mid-December.

“With our most recent meetings in Ankara, our team accomplished a great deal that is only now beginning to be fully revealed,” commented Scott Mahoney, CEO of Taronis. “We sought the ban of acetylene from the very beginning in our dialogue with Turkish officials. This is one of the most dangerous, environmentally harmful industrial products and it has no place in modern society.”

“Our core value proposition to the Turkish government has been the ability to reduce the frequency of needless injuries and fatalities related to acetylene. Turkey has created a vast and growing industrial base, and MagneGas has the ability to make tens of thousands of workers across Turkey safer and more productive.”

“Our technology not only delivers clear safety and productivity benefits of MagneGas, but also significant water conservation and environmental benefits. This compelling combination of factors has caused the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources to become strong advocates for Taronis and our renewable metal cutting fuel, MagneGas. We are grateful for their support, and we look forward to helping Turkey achieve their objective to completely ban acetylene within 24 months,” concluded Mr. Mahoney.