055 Pinks and Blues - Scaling UP! H2O

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055 Pinks and Blues - Scaling UP! H2O

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On today’s Pinks and Blues episode we will be answering the following questions: 

  1. What is the small blue pill in the bottom of a legionella sample bottle?
  2. I have a large territory that requires me to travel. On many days I find myself traveling back to accounts that are in the beginning of my route to check items I did a day or two before. What can I do to reduce that?
  3. Do I still need to come to AWT technical training since they stopped administering the test after those functions?

Upcoming Seminars

2019 Technical Training (West)
February 27 – March 2, 2019
Doubletree Mission Valley
San Diego, CA

2019 Technical Training (East)
March 27-30, 2019
Hotel Annapolis
Annapolis, Maryland

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