Brewery System Upgrade (Video Case Study)

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Brewery System Upgrade (Video Case Study)

Magic Rock is one of the UK’s most exciting new craft breweries in the UK and voted the second-best new brewery in the world has expanded its operation into a new state of the art premises in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Stuart Ross, Head Brewer, recognised the importance of installing a wastewater treatment plant at the outset of the new build.

We set about installing new pumping station, pH balancing system and wastewater monitoring equipment. In addition, we were contracted to carry out all ground works for the treatment plant and install a new water main to the brewery.

Work started on a pH treatment plant in April and was completed in July. We installed our innovative Universal Smart Instrument which, as a single instrument, measures flow, pH and controls the pH dosing pumps as well as logging all parameters. Coupled with a Hydrocell two bottle automated sampler, pH balancing tank and underground pumping station, this system will enable Magic Rock Brewery to comply with its Water company consents and provide accurate flow measurement for billing purposes.

Video source: Smart Storm on YouTube

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