UK’s Xeros signs major denim deal with India’s Ramsons

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UK’s Xeros signs major denim deal with India’s Ramsons

UK-headquartered Xeros Technology Group has signed a deal with India’s Ramsons, one of the largest garment finishing equipment suppliers in South Asia, to develop a range of innovative, sustainable garment finishing - 2020-03-23T214958.861.jpeg

Xeros said the deal, signed last week, provides Ramsons Garment Finishing Equipments Ltd with an exclusive license for the manufacture and sale of Xeros-enabled garment finishing and dyeing equipment in South Asia and other selected countries, with denim finishing as the first focus area.

“The process of making garments, and especially denim, is putting enormous pressure on our natural environment. It consumes vast amounts of water and other raw materials whilst producing chemical and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mark Nichols, CEO of Xeros.

“Working together with Ramsons to embed our products in their garment finishing equipment, we have an opportunity to significantly improve the sustainability of the clothes we all wear. This agreement is our first in apparel production and it validates our efforts to prove that our innovative technologies can have a significant impact in the sector,” he said.

Xeros develops unique polymer-based water-saving technologies which are used across the apparel and cleaning industries, which it says delivers significant savings in the use of water, energy and chemistry.

The two companies are already developing a 5,000 litre machine ahead of trials with major denim manufacturers. The machines not only reduce water and energy consumption, they eliminate the need to use pumice stone to produce stone washed effects. The first machines are expected to be available later this year.

Sunder Belani, Managing Director of Ramsons, said: “Protecting the earth’s natural resources and our precious environment is the mantra of sustainability.

“Across India and South Asia garment manufacturers are actively looking for new and innovative technologies to help us protect our environment, which is under extreme pressure from the effects of a changing climate.

“By embedding Xeros’ products in our equipment our clients will save water, energy and reduce harmful emissions. It represents the best option for sustainability.”

According to the companies, denim is an important pillar of South Asia’s apparel industry. But, together with the rest of the sector it consumes vast amounts of natural resources and can produce significant emissions. The industry is actively looking for sustainable technologies that can help mitigate environmental harm.

Xeros Technology Group plc is a platform technology group that works on transforming water intensive industrial and commercial processes.