New Solid Step Towards Water-free Leather Manufacturing (VIDEO)

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New Solid Step Towards Water-free Leather Manufacturing (VIDEO)

25,000,000 litres of water is how much ECCO’s water efficient innovation DriTan™ promises to save ECCO at it’s tannery in the Netherlands alone every year. 

DriTan™ by ECCO Leather is one of more steps in the tanning process, and it uses the moisture already present in the hides. The result is indistinguishable from traditionally tanned leather in terms of quality, characteristics, stability and lead-time. Besides saving huge amounts of water, the technology also considerably minimises the discharge of waste water and the use of chemicals. At its tannery in the Netherlands alone, ECCO Leather will eliminate 600 tons of sludge per year, translating into 40 truckloads of sludge deposited in landfills per year. 

“This process only involves what you already have at hand,” says Thomas Gøgsig, Head of Applied Research at ECCO. “You don’t have to invest in new equipment. You don’t have to look for new exotic chemicals. You just use what is already available at the tannery, only in a different way.”

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