British Beverage Company to Make its Breweries in Africa the Most Carbon & Water Efficient Possible

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British Beverage Company to Make its Breweries in Africa the Most Carbon & Water Efficient Possible

Diageo commits to a renewable future in Africa: The company is investing £180 million in renewable energy resources across its African sites to ensure its breweries are the most carbon and water-efficient possible.

This commitment represents Diageo’s largest environmental investment in a decade confirming its commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and addressing climate change.

Here are the highlights of what is happening:

“We believe this is one of the biggest single investments in addressing climate change issues across multiple sub Saharan markets. It demonstrates the strength of our commitment to pioneer grain-to-glass sustainability and to positively impact the communities in which we live and work. We have a responsibility as a local manufacturer and employer in Africa to grow our business sustainably–creating shared value-and this significant investment continues our work to provide sustainable solutions for our local supply chains,”   Ivan Menezes , Diageo’s CEO said.

The investment includes:

Illustration by Diageo

The project will cover 11 sites in seven countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Seychelles, Nigeria and Ghana. In Kenya, Diageo’s brand new brewery Kisumu has already had solar power and water treatment facilities installed to ensure its operations have minimal impact from their start. With 100% renewables and cutting edge water efficiency, we believe Tusker will be the most environmentally sustainable brewery in Sub-Saharan Africa’.

“We’ve set ourselves ambitious environmental targets, aligned with the United Nations global SDG’s[i], and our efforts to deliver on these by 2020 continues at pace. Progress has included a 45% reduction in our carbon emissions and a 44% reduction in our water consumption over the past decade, while we also now look to the future and how we extend beyond 2020 with this investment,” said Menezes.