109 The One with Super Villain Royalty, Brian Fisk - Scaling UP! H2O

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109 The One with Super Villain Royalty, Brian Fisk - Scaling UP! H2O

Nation! You have heard me speak on this show previously about going to trade association functions to expand your knowledge level. Going to these events is also a great way to expand your network.   I love meeting new water treaters. By this, I mean new to the industry water treaters and new to me water treaters. We, as water treaters, all have a story in us, and I love to hear it!   

Taking my advice, I went to the ASHRAE trade show this past January. It was huge! You can hear all about it on  episode 73 . When you listen to this episode, you hear me interview people I already know and people I just met. Truthfully, I didn’t expect to find some of the people I already knew at that trade show.

People like Gary Garcia and Colin Frayne of episodes  101  and  102 .  I think this goes to show when you do try to expand your network, you will surprisingly find people you know in places you don’t expect.  

One of the new people I met was Brian Fisk. Brian struck me as an enthusiastic water treater. And… He is a fan of Scaling UP! H2O. How could I not immediately like him? As we spoke at the ASHRAE show, it was clear we had a lot in common and he had some great stuff to share. Why not have him share it on the world’s favorite industrial water treatment podcast?  

Please enjoy my interview with Brian Fisk. 

Key Points From This Episode:


“Make sure that you’re fixing the problems before it becomes a problem.”  @BrianFisk   @traceblackmore  #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOnewithSuperVillainRoyalty #scale #watertreatment #ScalingUPto10 0 #CWT #ASHRAE

“You can have all the answers in the world but if you can’t convey them well, then they’re just going to fall in deaf ears.”  @BrianFisk   @traceblackmore  #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOnewithSuperVillainRoyalty #scale #watertreatment #ScalingUPto10 0 #CWT #ASHRAE

“A rising tide raises all boats.”  @traceblackmore   @BrianFisk  #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOnewithSuperVillainRoyalty #scale #watertreatment #ScalingUPto10 0 #CWT #ASHRAE

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