Brand New Water Clarity Solutions in Municipal, Mining and Industrial Water Treatment Applications

Brand New Water Clarity Solutions in Municipal, Mining and Industrial Water Treatment Applications

Zinkan Enterprises, Inc., a premier Northeast Ohio specialty chemicals company, announced the launch of ChemREADY, a new division with the sole focus of applying technology and expertise to solving water and wastewater challenges for municipal, mining and industrial customers.

Placing the water and wastewater treatment teams under a single entity allows the ChemREADY team to reimagine water and wastewater treatment chemical and equipment solutions, supplies and services, originally developed within Zinkan. A dedicated unit also enables the Zinkan chemicals business to better leverage its industry partners to better serve their clients – by combining chemical and equipment expertise under one organizational structure.

“Our Source-To-Discharge™ and Total Service Management™ treatment programs allow our customers to design, improve, and validate their own water treatment processes thereby enhancing their own businesses by reducing water consumption and overall operational costs,” said Timothy Drake, Zinkan’s vice president of marketing and product development. “We’re excited about working with our customers to provide the highest level of clarity in an industry that otherwise presents customers with challenging decisions – how to properly treat water from the moment it enters a facility to the point of discharge.”

In addition, ChemREADY partnerships allow clients to take full advantage of their chemical knowledge and engineered water and wastewater treatment solutions.

“For more than 30 years, Zinkan Enterprises has grown and evolved within the specialty chemicals industry, giving us unique insight to the pain points faced by our chemical and equipment clients,” said Greg Ott, president of Zinkan Enterprises. “The new ChemREADY Division will be a fully dedicated and focused group of professionals providing the highest level of products and services for our customers in the water and wastewater treatment industries.”

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