Danfoss Enters ZLD/MLD Industrial Wastewater Markets with High Efficiency Pumps

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Danfoss Enters ZLD/MLD Industrial Wastewater Markets with High Efficiency Pumps

Danfoss launches a new series of APP pumps specially designed and built for Zero Liquid Discharge and Minimal Liquid Discharge (ZLD/MLD) industrial wastewater treatment. The new APP W HC pumps deliver total efficiency rates of 90% at pressures up to 120 bar. 


APP pumps Image Source: Danfoss


In response to the growing demand for energy efficient ZLD/MLD solutions, Danfoss now releases its first APP pumps targeted large capacity industrial wastewater treatment plants. 

"For the last 15 years, our axial piston pumps have proved their efficiency in reverse osmosis desalination. We have applied this know-how to match the demands of ZLD/MLD, where utilities and system builders are looking for high efficiency and robustness, relentless reliability and low operational costs", says Jesper Bentzen, Sales Director Danfoss.

The new APP W HC pumps that handle flow ranges from 11 to 24 m3/hour are made of Duplex stainless steel to provide maximum corrosion protection.

The ZLD/MLD APP pumps can be parallel-coupled to fulfill the required capacity at any time. If one of the pumps is out for maintenance, the remaining pumps automatically take over the full operation allowing the plant to run full speed around the clock.

Set and forget

The APP W HC pumps deliver a constant flow no matter amounts and quality of the industrial wastewater.

“No matter the water quality, the APP pumps instantly adjust to ensure constant flow and efficiency in the ZLD/MLD processes. The operation is extremely easy, since changes in pressure impact neither flow nor efficiency”, explains Kevin Evald, Product Manager.

The simple pump design with few parts allows easy installation, inspection and maintenance. Furthermore, the pump operates without oil to prevent contamination.

Danfoss high-pressure pumps for ZLD/MLD industrial wastewater treatment

At launch, the APP portfolio for ZLD/MLD industrial wastewater treatment comprises the following pump sizes: 

All pumps are approved for pressures up to 120 bar (1740 psi)

Source: Danfoss Engineering Tomorrow