183 The One Where We Talk About Artificial Intelligence - Scaling UP! H2O

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183 The One Where We Talk About Artificial Intelligence - Scaling UP! H2O

Today’s guest is Neil Sahota, an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations A.I. Advisor, professor at UC Irvine, and globally-recognized speaker and author. Learning, Events, Water Treaters, Water Treatment, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machines, Technologies, Digital Tools, War Games Movie, Skynet Movie, Rain Water, Data, Good Data, Social Good, Capacity And Collection, The United Nations AI for Good Initiative, Waterways, AI for Public Service, Company Culture, Accountability Partner, BooksNeil is a founding member of the UN’s Artificial Intelligence for Social Good Committee, and he’s here to talk about how we can harness the power of AI and use it for social good. Neil is also the author of “Own the A.I.Revolution”, providing a future-forward look at A.I., focusing on how businesses can use it to commercialize while doing good in the world. We’ll discuss things like the challenges posed by A.I. and how we can overcome them, as well as which skill-sets are going to be most important in the near future.  

In our interview, I was amazed by how A.I. can help our businesses, lives, and water infrastructure worldwide. Data allows us to make better decisions. We make better decisions when we have better data. When we don’t have data, we’re not making decisions; we’re making guesses. So how good are your guesses?  

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