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Biodegradable Chemicals

Sludge precipitated in HP Dosing (TSP) stainer

Oxygen Scavenger (Carbohydraside) Residual in Boiler Feed Water

Grey Water Treatment

Colloidal Silica in Lime

Effective sealant for Cast Iron Pipe in replacement to Lead

Ceramic flat sheet membranes

Evaluate the Resin volume in a Mix Bed filter

Back wash flow rate of Dual Media FIlter

Waste Water Treatment Physiology for Pharmaceutical Industry

Changing from Sodium Hypochlorite to Chlorine Dioxide

Electrodeionization (EDI) Leaking ( water dropping between stack frame and gasket )

Chemical reactions of iron with sulfur compounds

Question of the Day: Forward Osmosis

Question of the Day: Maximizing Cooling Tower Cycles

Dissolving Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate

Question of the Day: Filming Amines

Reduce the COD of the plastic recycling effluent

How to sequester the CO2 emitted from large scale municipal wastewater treatment plants ?

Question of the Day: Hydrogen Sulfite Formation

Question of the Day: Condensate Value

Question of the Day: Softener Elution Study

Ion Exchange Feed Water Quality Consideration

Relationship between MLSS in a MBR Tank and solid content of ETP

RO Membranes Failure


Question of the Day: Alternative Cooling Tower Makeup Sources

Question of the Day: Common Drain

Question of the Day: BOD & COD

Question of the Day: "Add Acid to Water"

Question of the Day: Oxidizing Biocides

Question: Activated carbon for decreasing NOM, TOC, COD

Question of the Day : Normalizing RO Data

Question of the Day: RO vs DI

What are the criteria for selecting a submersible jet aerator ?

What would be the sludge consistency present in a thickened sludge from a fertilizer industry effluent?

Water Quality Application

Which factor influences the selection of the right valve for fully automating an STP/ETP?

What should be the water quality standards for the water used for juice production in FMCG industry?

Experience in algae bloom remediation?

Selection of installation location of digital water flow meter

Question of the Day: RO Salt Passage

What problems should I pay attention to when using ultrasonic flowmeters?

Coal gasification

The most effective technologies for purification of rain water for drinking and cooking purposes

Algae Control in Fish Pond

Treatment method for polymer presence in incoming WasteWater

Thread partials in Denim Washing Waste Water Plant

Treatment for Boron

How to build your own small sewage treatment plant?

Question of the Day: Cooling Tower Volume

Contaminated Turbine Condensate

Cyanide in Effluent

Increase in Trans-Membrane Pressure (TMP) in RO

Question of the Day: Water Sampling

Manganese Deposition

Question of the Day: Chlorine Species

Question of the Day: Holding Time Index

Question of the Day: Boiler Carryover

Lime soda Frustrations

Question of Day: Wastewater Combination vs. Segregation

Temperature vs. Calcium/Magnesium Solubility

Question of the Day: Closed Loop Filtration

Deaerator Corrosion

Question of the Day: Neutralizing Amine Feed Points

Textile WasteWater treatment and recycle issues

Question of the Day: Alternative Cooling Tower Makeup Sources

Question of the Day: Cooling Tower Drift Losses

Question of the Day: Reducing Boiler Blowdown

Nitrite Based Treatment for Closed Cooling Water Treatment

Boiler Condensate Treatment

Boiler Superheater tubes precleaning & passivation?

Sealing water

Blowdown in Cooling Tower

How to remove a Silica Scale in Boiler Tubes?

How large is the North American inorganic coagulant market?

Firetube Boiler Carryover

Reverse Osmosis Membranes Problems

UASB Effluent Becomes High pH Upon Aeration

Reverse Osmosis for Boiler Makeup

High performance lime slurry

Gas Chromatography

Softeners and Iron


Dairy Wastewater Effluents

Cooling Tower Acid Injection

Lithium Bromide Analysis

Lime Use

Water Test Kit

Trade Shows in the US?

Has anyone else read the Black & Veatch 2018 Water Report?

Methods to reduce the Oil & Grease content in the Industrial Waste Water

Smart Valve

Wastewater Equalization vs. Segregation

Next Generation of Talent

Minimizing Cooling Tower Water Usage