Has anyone else read the Black & Veatch 2018 Water Report?

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This report has some fascinating trends, case studies, and statistics in it.  It took me a while to read it over a few days but there were some great nuggets inside.  A lot of it is about water distribution but there is also a lot about water treatment.  The articles about big data, internet of things, and how these technologies can improve our water systems (and our operations with them) were my favorite.  I'd like to know if anyone has read the report and what your takeaways are.  Here it is if you want it.  You have to submit your email and contact info to get it but it's free.


EDIT: I realized I should provide some examples and value from the report as a service here.

There is an article about fit-for-use industrial water treatment that was compelling to me. Cities sending potable water to industrial customers doesn't make sense in many cases.  if we can better optimize our treatment and delivery systems (which obviously takes an investment up front) that will save a lot of money and clean water over the long term.

There is a lot of survey data from water leaders about their biggest challenges in their water systems (business, funding, technology, regulations, etc.)  That is insightful.

There are a couple articles about advanced sensors, big data, remote monitoring along with the challenges of incorporating these technologies.  Survey responses on the adoption and plans for these technologies were fascinating.  A lot of people still haven't figured out how to capitalize on these technologies.