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Scaling up Microbial Fuel Cells for Treating Swine Wastewater

Catalytic Degradation of Textile Wastewater Effluent by Peroxide Oxidation / UV Light Irradiation

SBR Performance of Treated Tofu Wastewater: Variation of Contact Time and Activated Sludge Source

Does Urbanization Improve Industrial Water Consumption Efficiency?

Comparative Analysis of Wastewater Toxicity Reduction in 12 Industrial Park Treatment Plants

Newly Designed Hydrolysis Acidification Flat-Sheet Ceramic MBR for Treating Dyeing Wastewater

Bioremediation of Waste Water to Remove Heavy Metals Using the Spent Mushroom Substrate

Industrial Water Division Seamlessly Solves Problems for Oil Refinery (Case Study)

New Polymer Inclusion Membrane Containing β-Cyclodextrin Polymer

Milk Waste in Notown Evaporated Milk Plant (Case Study)

Textile Wastewater Treatment for Water Reuse: A Case Study

Toxicity of Sewage from Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

Reusing of Pretreatment Liquor Bath in Textile Wet Processing

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Cleaner Production Guide for the Textile Sector: WWF 2018

Anaerobic ​Treatment of ​Mine Wastewater ​for the Removal ​of Selenate and ​its Co-​Contaminants ​

Scaling of Calcium Carbonate on a Heated Surface in a Flow Through System with Mono Ethylene Glycol

Upscaling the Zeolite-Anammox Process Treatment of Anaerobic Digester Filtrate

Improving the Quality of Secondary Wastewater for Indirect Potable Reuse - Mazzei

The Choice of Methods of Quarry Wastewater

Shared Water, Shared Responsibility, Shared Approach - Water in the Mining Sector (ICMM and IFC)

A Comparative Analysis of Selected Wastewater Pretreatment Processes in Food Industry

Finnish Industrial Wastewater Guide

Dalian Zero Instrument Technology Co., Ltd China

Brief Catalog -Zero Instrument. 2017 New Version

Research on PFS Coagulating Treating the Ceramic Wastewater

Achieving Sustainable Development in the Tannery Industry in Regard to Sewage Sludge Management

Decoupling ​Water ​Consumption and ​Environmental ​Impact on ​Textile ​Industry - A ​Case Study

Sustainability Indicators for the Waste Management from the Paper Industry within the CE Model

Wastewater Management Efficiency and Determinant Factors in the Chinese Industrial Sector 2004-2014

The Effect of pH and Aluminium to Bacteria Isolated from Aluminium Recycling Industry

Removal of Directs Dyes from Wastewater by Cotton Fiber Waste

Production, Characterization and Treatment of Textile Effluents - A Critical Review

Trickling Filter for High Efficiency Treatment of Dairy Sewage

Quality and Management of Wastewater in Sugar Industry

Discussion on Wastewater Treatment Process of Coal Chemical Industry

Review of technologies for WWT by electrochemical oxidation with boron doped diamond electrodes

Forecasting of Industrial Water Demand Using Case-Based Reasoning

Efficiency Evaluation and Policy Analysis of Industrial Wastewater Control in China

Bioaugmentation - An Emerging Strategy of Industrial Wastewater Treatment for Reuse and Discharge

Tracking Corporate Action on Water Security - CDP Global Water Report 2017

Industrial Cooling Tower Disinfection Treatment to Prevent Legionella spp.

Total Factor Efficiency Study on China’s Industrial Coal Input and Wastewater Control

Water and Wastewater Industry in ​Italy – Case Study ​