The Choice of Methods of Quarry Wastewater

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The Choice of Methods of Quarry Wastewater

The Choice of Methods of Quarry Wastewater Purifying

Yury Lesin, Vyacheslav Gogolin, Elena Murko, Sergey Markov, and Jurgen Kretschmann

Abstract .

The negative effect made by mining enterprises on the natural environment has complex origination. The intensive pollution is observed because of the influence of mineral deposits open-pit mining on the atmosphere, water resources and landscape complexes.

Complex processes of environmental anthropogenic changes caused by open pits’ operations have brought to light the problem of surface water pollution near large mining segments. Industrial wastewater of mining enterprises has a significant impact on the natural environment. In connection with the continuous and significant increase in the volume of mining, the amount of wastewater from mines, quarries and processing plants is constantly increasing.

The main components of wastewater from operating mining enterprises are mine (quarry) waters, as well as runoff from atmospheric waters polluted by water erosion of dumps and mineral stacks. The paper describes the possible ways of quarry wastewater purifying – using hydrocyclones and artificial filtering arrays made from overburden rock.

E3S Web of Conferences 41, 01039 (2018)
IIIrd International Innovative Mining Symposium

Source: E3S Web of Conferences