Shared Water, Shared Responsibility, Shared Approach - Water in the Mining Sector (ICMM and IFC)

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Shared Water, Shared Responsibility, Shared Approach - Water in the Mining Sector (ICMM and IFC)

This paper uses company experiences from Mongolia, Peru, South Africa, Canada, and the Upper Hunter Valley and Fitzroy regions of Australia to identify key lessons learned.

Access to clean water is at the very core of sustainable development. As a water-dependent sector, mining and metals companies are well placed to support collective solutions to shared water challenges; contributing to improved water security and sanitation for all.


Shared water, shared responsibility, shared approach: water in the mining sector Access to water remains one of the biggest global challenges of the 21st Century.

Growing population, water consumption, pollution, and climate variability are resulting in greater water scarcity, driving competition over water resources and increased con icts amongst water users. As a water-dependent industry this challenge poses a risk to the mining and metals sector but also presents a significant opportunity–to catalyze and support collective solutions that contribute to improved water security and sanitation for all.

Mining companies are increasingly thinking more collaboratively–with local communities, government and other industries–about shared water use. Meaningful partnerships have already resulted in improved infrastructure, better water management throughout and beyond the catchment area, and increased cooperation among water users. But much more can be done.

IFC and ICMM have a common goal of improving mining’s contribution to sustainable development. We believe that the industry can be a partner for development and this paper aims to support that journey through a focus on water: sharing the practical challenges, successes and lessons learnt from those companies and local partners who have worked across boundaries to tackle shared water risks and seize shared opportunities.

Only through collaboration will we be able to realize a socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial water future
for everyone

Foreword by  Tom Butler , CEO, ICMM and   Lance Crist , Global Head of Oil, Gas & Mining, IFC

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