Joseph R Hoover Jr, Owner at LocoMotive PdN

Growing Up on a Farm and Learning the 10th Edition of THE University of California's Manual on Back Flow and backsiphonage and protection of a water purveyors obligations, being granted two licenses by the Texas Environmental Commission to practive Lands Scpape Irrigation and the Testing of Protetion Devices and dealing with the political atmosphere just in The High Chihuahua Desert and the Rio Grande Region vs the facts of Physics, Atmosheric Pressure, Friction Loss Calculations and Flow Charts, I decided it would be better to reach out Globally to share some of the knowledge I have gained based on where the Spaniards first crossed the Rio Grande in the 1600s coming north along the eastern side of Sierra Madre Mtn Range.

The Head Waters of the Navaho Tribes water source and the Rio Grandes is mainly the San Juan Mountain Range in Colorado USA, and the next Major River to feed the Rio Grande is the Pecos River. Farance is only 4/5s the size of Texas, but the 1900 mile long Rio Grande is just the start of the Border between Texas and Mexico at one point here on a boundry, then FLows down to the Gulf of Mexico from that point where it is forced to divert from its southern path from Colorado, through New Mexico to here. Farm Lands.