Total water and TDS management

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Total water and TDS management

Context for the attached diagram on total water and TDS management

We were planning to set up a new plant but there is no additional  source of water.. existing bore  wells  were getting dry and yield is lower .

The viability of  new plant is at risk due to water scarcity.

In sumner it was severe due to less availability of fresh water.

Need to reconcile water quantity and TDS  at every stage., Losses can only be limited to   vaporization and product carry over losses,normally.   

The actual consumption is much more than that and excess wastewater gets into drain which of  course  can be reused based usage quality specs. 

3 R. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Use all treated water from sewage and effluent plants in addition to storm water, rain water, cooling tower overflow etc. Identify the usage vis a vis qualify. Try to use treated water for floor cleaning toilet flushing, civil construction, gardening, cooling towers, air washers etc. Make the access of treated water easy. Ensure zero discharge into drain.

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