Characteristics of water flow measurement

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Characteristics of water flow measurement

The measurement of water flow is not very difficult. Most of the flowmeters with different principles can be used to measure the flow of water, but not all flowmeters are easy to use.This is because the same is the flow measurement of water, and the degree of cleanliness of the water is different, the conditions of the fluid conditions are different, the reliability requirements are different, and the measurement accuracy requirements are different, then the selection of the instrument is different.Choosing a good meter among the many different types to choose from is not an easy task.

Residents' water meters can be used for several years or even ten years without failure, but the water meters of same principle used in industrial production has many failures and short life.This is because the household water is intermittent and the water quality is good, while the water used in industrial production is generally continuous and the water quality is also poor.These differences can not be ignored in the selection of the instrument.